February 11, 2016

Pinterest How-To Webinar

My friend and peer, Thomas Petty of the Bay Area Search Engine Academy, and I put on this introductory Pinterest how-to webinar today that I think you’re going to like. Take a gander at it and tell me what you think.

How to use Pinterest for your business

Pinterest How-To Webinar

In this webinar, we talked about the entire lifecycle of the Pinterest process:

We also talked about some advanced topics like SEO and affiliate marketing. There were a number of questions, chief among them how, as a creative agent, you can protect your intellectual property from getting pinned on Pinterest. We talked about Pinterest “best practices” that will discourage pinning, but there is no full-proof way to protect your copyrighted images 100 percent.

We also talked about the darkside of Pinterest, specifically SPAM, abuse, and objectionable material like pornography and nudity. It’s a fact of life online: There will be abuses and over-reach.

It is very important that you read Pinterest’s Terms of Service (TOS). You may find that you cannot live with those terms; if that’s the case, then you can walk away without having wasted any time. To be completely blunt, I never read the TOS because a) they are often ridiculous, b) you cannot use the service at all if you do not agree to each and every word,¬†and c) I have a feeling that they are not enforceable.

I am not a lawyer, so please do not take what I say as advice—legal or otherwise–get your own legal counsel.

As I learn and compile more data about Pinterest, I will add to the video collection.

I will also be doing more hands-on video training about Pinterest. I hope to really dig deep into how to maximize your use of Pinterest for driving direct traffic as well as for generating higher search engine rankings.

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  1. This is a wonderful webinar. As I learned in the clickminded seo training course, creativity is very important when optimizing a website. Pintrest certainly fits in there!

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