February 10, 2016

6 Tips on How to Use Pinterest as a Marketer


Pinterest for Marketers

Here is a good post on how to use Pinterest as a marketer, the theme of this website. I’m being lazy today, so I thought I’d just “pin” the article on Pinterest and you can click through to get to the full article. Here are the highlights:

  • Don’t be the dullest kid on the block—keep people engaged, put up some goofy, crazy, zany, or controversial stuff.
  • Keeping it interesting… one board at a time—quality over quantity. Never have multiple boards with only one or two pins.
  • Conduct equal opportunity pinning—80 / 20 rule: Promote other people’s pins and articles 80 percent of the time, your stuff 20 percent of the time.
  • Aim to rank high in Pinterest search—Pinterest has its own search, so create boards and pins that are keyw0rd-rich.
  • Integrate to make great email marketing campaigns—you want higher open rates, right? If you link to an image, your open rates might just rise.
  • Vote! Like! Share! Win! Hold a contest. There are tons of ways to get people active on your boards.

Read the full article by clicking through the image above. Bottom line: Use this newest social media juggernaut called Pinterest to build your brand and leverage your existing marketing campaigns.

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